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UX for senior users, a great potential but forgotten market



Strategy: Nick Dalla Riva

Creative: Shuuyu Luong

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The struggle is real when forcing an interface which was designed for a specific generation to another generation. It is like trying open Photoshop CC in Photoshop CS1.


Lifestyle Communities is the new trend of retiring with like-mind neighbours where you can be yourself and enjoy your after-employment time to the most.

The target audience are 55+, and might not be the biggest fan of technology, but an opportunity can arise if you consider them in designing your products/services, they may be willing to adapt to the technology.


There was more than just a fully responsive and functional website that Lifestyle Communities was after. Digicap was asked to advise on digital marketing, helping the business to find the right approach to their audience. 


We approached this the same way we approach every project. We meet with the client  to learn as much as we can about their goals and target audience. Our strategist established a close work relationship with Lifestyle Communities’ marketing manager and schedule regular meeting to discuss current challenges and opportunities. 


Digicap has delivered 20+ projects during our collaboration with Lifestyle Communities which resulted in the business growing, as well as greatly improving the users online engagement both on their website and social media.

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Over 2 years, we have made some significant improvement from an online marketing perspective. A fully responsive and integrated website, a clearer path for digital marketing direction, a better understanding of the target audience.

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