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Infinite possibilities




Creative: Shuuyu Luong

Animation: Marcus Riggall

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Having been the market for the last 7+ years, Digicap has found its solid ultimate vision and mission. To our clients, we are working at our best to deliver our services on time and making the experience with digicap an efficient and simple process. To life, our goals are to create exclusive experiences that are not only enjoyable but helping to reduce hassels in everyday activities and making life a much more delightful journey.


Working up to our values, we are also keen to reflect our vision through our key visual representation; our business logo.


Data is limited it only captures what we do and say, only experiences are infinite – they are feelings and emotions. We are constantly looking for new adventures. Some people call it goal seeking, some people call it a destination, or success, accomplishment or even happiness.

It’s all simply our desire to experience different things in life. The joy, of being in a moment we have never experienced before. The pride of sharing our happiness in a life we are proud of. Digicap has a story. And our brand needs to reflect our past and our future.



Our vision is to design cativating experiences in life.


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The new digicap brand is born and the new branding is rolled out to the business. The logo is made of two letters ‘d’ and ‘c’ which also form the shape of an infinite symbol.

Digicap’s main colour scheme is now black, red a white. The colours were chosen to represent boldness, great contrast and passion.

We are proud to present digicap new look at the beginning of 2018 as an important mark for our plan moving forward.

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